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Around London – the River by Shane A

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Around London – the River

Images taken along the Thames the heart of London

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London along the Thames


The River by Shane A

Images taken along the Thames River, the heart of London

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Virtual Venice

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Virtual Carnival by Shane A

Venice is closed 2021 so here is the Virtual Carnival.

Venice the color of Carnival modern event inaugurated in 1979 but a tradition dating from the victory against the Patriarch of Aquileia,Ulrico de Treven 1162 celebrated by dancing in San Marco Square. It became official during Renaissance in the seventeenth century. However under the rule of the holy Roman Emperor and later the Emperor of Austria, Francis II it was outlawed in 1797 and the use of masks became strictly forbidden.

A Record of Unfortunate Events


London by Night


Chinese NEW YEAR 2020 London 新年

Chinese NEW YEAR 2020 London 新年 Trafalgar Square celebrations

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‘The London January Consumer’ by Photographer Shane Aurousseau

Images based on the London January Sales, shot in Oxford Street London

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