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The stories behind the masks, the time that they represent, the emotions, behavioral patterns that they relate to, the historic concepts,the story of humankind.

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The Photographic works of Photographer Shane Aurousseau

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Semana Santa Malaga Spain 5-4-2015

Drover and Cocky

Australia (30 of 43)

Clancy's Mate on the Stand





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España and Semana Santa by Photographer Shane Aurousseau

Images of Semana Santa (Holy Week this week) part of the fabric and colour of Spain. A thread that holds communities together however a thread that even the church questions. A festival that brings into the light one of the most difficult issues for all the monotheistic religions descended from Abraham a question of idolatry or for ecumenical theologians the perversion of essence.
However where would we be without the great festivals of all denominations of the world?




Semana Santa Malaga Spain 5-4-2015

Semana Santa Malaga Spain 5-4-2015


Semana Santa Malaga Spain 5-4-2015

Semana Santa Malaga Spain 5-4-2015

Semana Santa Malaga Spain 5-4-2015

Semana Santa Malaga Spain 5-4-2015

Semana Santa Malaga Spain 5-4-2015


Semana Santa Malaga Spain 5-4-2015

The Anomalies Traditions and Spirit of Spain Espana by Shane A

Spain, for me one of the most fascinating and alive countries in the world a microcosm of global cognitive dissonance. The primeval instincts buried and suppressed within all of us along with an openness and expressiveness many of us are not capable of.

For most of us the reality of many of the world’s issues don’t exist, knowledge and denial. Heaven forbid that this is a discussion on bullfighting it’s not or fox hunting or Kangaroo shooting. We are destroying the planet while looking the other way. Not a form of justification however 80% of the films we watch are just as violent as bullfighting the only deviation is the perception no one is really getting hurt a safe way to pander to the primeval. The care directed at the noble Andalucian horse.

El Gitano de Oro

The very real connection to music of the Golden Gypsy, el gitano de oro. Then there is the security safety of religion being part of the community participation in making things right an important part of keeping the balance and forgiving the misdemeanours. The exciting expressiveness of escape from worldly issues through Fiesta, Romeria or Feria. The faces of the woman and little girl in the carriage, happy to be participating, the pride of the gypsy boy participating on the horse. The everydayness of the bandsman playing with his mobile. Hope these images add a meaning to my statements. Look closely at the detachment of the spectators at the corrida. Are the spectators and matadors really connecting with the drama or just playing lip service to a traditional peer group concept that embodies toò much reality to really connect with or is there some form of emotional primeval stimulus, note the child. For the matadors detachment a defence mechanism, possibly? looking but not seeing certainly for many of the spectators. We live by denial a protection against the enormity of change and our individual inability to effect change.

Images Shane Aurousseau

Shane A

On Romeria

The magnificent curved head of the Spanish Andalucian Horse

The Illusion the Power of Photography by Shane A

Designing for strength states there is a story to be told. High impact image also use of highlights and strong shadows. The use of multiple images is legitimate if it enhances the message. The message it what’s important the camera is only a tool a paint brush. To be creative lateral thought carries great importance. Many great artists only became successful after their deaths only when people realised how far lateral and radical thought had taken them and what it had given society. Nothing advances when restricted by convention.

Designing for strength high impact image

Designing for strength high impact image

The question is how far an image should be pushed to achieve impact?
There are many ways to enhance an image for impact and not all in the camera post shoot production is legitimate in achieving the goal of the image creator. The camera is part of the mathematical workings part of a process towards an outcome that achieves the required result. The result is what takes the creator to the next step in the process toward reaction and development. Its rather like saying any publicity is good publicity. Few people understand why they are drawn to an image. It can be because they don’t like it unhappy with it or the cuteness is drawing the viewer in.

The image panel below uses black and white to take the eye from the colour of blood and costume to focus the eye on the detachment of the spectators using highlights throughout the gallery keeping the action dark, the action is secondary. This detachment could be a synonym for our society’s attitude to violent issues throughout the world note the child.

The colour image draws the spectators and Matadors together in their detachment to death. Even though in colour the image reeks of death yet the detachment is stronger.

Why does an image have impact the colours because it’s black and white the tonal values, highlights shadows, sharpness. Professional photographers often talk about the black point strong blacks that still carry definition can make an image bounce. Landscapes can come alive when colours are pushed to an unnatural level or the design becomes extreme. Many viewers will say I really don’t like that image. This thought process means the image has already done its job. Shock tactics have been used by the advertising industry for decades. The big photo libraries talk in terms of strong and soft images they understand that it is impact that sells, there is nothing like profit to concentrate professionalism. Laypeople will often say I need to think about that photo this secondary thought process means the moment has passed the impact is a momentary spontaneous reaction not a thought process an impulse sale. It is the initial impact that stops the viewer and commences the creation of the thought process. This dictates that the image deserves further scrutiny and understanding however without the first impact the image will be bypassed. The great master painters were masters of shock in use of colour light extreme design. Many of the great artists moved from realistic depiction to extreme or abstract design seeking that step further in impact and thought process, great photographers often use distortion to emphasise a visual point. Picasso is a great example of an artist taking the step into the dimension of lateral thought experimentation in understanding. This is what made them professionals masters, art is about causing a reaction to a statement and photography is art the word comes from the Greek a combination of two words Phos or Photos (meaning light) and Graphein (meaning to write or representation by means of lines or drawing, together meaning drawing with light). Size can have a bearing an image with little impact at A5 can come alive at poster size.

Tightly cropped shot using strong blacks to contrast the lace of the senoritas a gentle separation of the carriage groups. An image that reeks of tradition.

The Opal miner in Lightning Ridge becomes part of the wall and mine that he spends most of his day working in.

The strength of the Ocean is the dominant force below enhanced by the black and white and the highlights. Use of black and highlight.

Three women in happy fiesta dresses yet totally bored with the festivities the focus in on each woman emphasising her state.

The light entering the shed from your left makes this image and it emphasises the clarity of the wool. Use of strong light creating a strong highlight but still containing some detail.

The death of an icon a symbol for the disappearance of the motor industry in Australia and the jobs that went with it. The image is one of a mausoleum surrounded by headstones. The black and white is in keeping with the somber subject.

The women who follow the Nazarenos at Semana Santa a sombre occasion but still a fashion statement. Strong black with a hint of the lace subtle use a light touch with the highlights brings out the lace. A careful balance between black and highlight.

Concentration on the faces, pride of participation.

The family participates in a great and culturally diverse city London

The World over

Waiting for the action to start

Getting rid of the evidence a suggestion by action.

Street Gossip

Reading the Music focused use of light. The white keyboards with the white sheets draws the eye in. The shot derives its impact from the lighting. Concentrating on the action with an indication of the participants.

The work continues getting it right position and action.

Portrait of a Miner. The black and white emphasises the darkness of the world he works in the tight crop his personality.

Portrait of a Cocky and Drover. The stiffness almost gives a painted portrait feel making the image clear and focused on the subjects. They are what they are men of the land of the outback. The Drover is on your left, the Cocky or station owner your right.

The Bullock driver tight crop and action give this shot its impact.

The metomorphosis colour to black and white or vice versa changing the atmosphere.

The power of the highlights and the blacks.

Creating an atmosphere the organist’s concentration is only drawn to the music he exists only in his own bubble

The tight crop creating character

Shoot in high resolution reduce for the internet the image will always have more impact than a small censor phone. The phone image can be well constructed however the reduction from high to low increases definition strengthens shadows and highlights moving from a good well-constructed snap to professional quality. The advertising industry is the master benchmark for understanding impact and industry based on reaction. Cameras in the full frame to medium format giving TIFF files of 50MP plus are the choice for high impact imaging by professionals. Most people react to an image without knowing why and rightly so it is the job of the layman to react and the job of the professional to understand and to draw out the reaction.

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Spain the Country the Emotions the Images Shane Aurousseau Mi España

España el país las emociones las imágenes Shane Aurousseau

Spain a country I have always felt at home in. I lived there for.many years under the Franco regime. Since those days I  return regularly and consider the country my spiritual home. With many Spanish friends It is a country of people who have little fear of allowing emotions to be on open display demonstrating an honesty that many peoples struggle with. I have presented here a series of images of the country and its people’s emotions from the love  of life, The love of family, the security of being part of a society that their religion brings,  to courage death and the raw brutality of the bull ring man’s most  primordial emotions, This is not written to condone or condemn only to show the openness of the full range of man’s normally hidden emotions on full display in this exciting country. Emotions that are within us all. We are a species trying to move from the primeval natural world to something higher yet we continually regress and live in hypocritical denial. There is a refreshing honesty with the openness of emotion adding to the vigour of a country that embraces life openly with all its drama and melodrama.

The Joy of Feria

El Gitano de Oro

To the Romeria

Las secuelas


IMG_1674 bw


The Carriages bw

Ronda BW


Las Chicas de la Fiesta

IMGL5326 bw

Power and Torment


El Gitano

Proud Owner

Semana Santa

Semana Santa Getting rid of the evidence Deshacerse de la evidencia

cropped-stamp-26-4-2016-2-cut.png España el país las emociones las imágenes Shane Aurousseau Mi España


Diversity – Things are not always so Black and White

Shane Aurousseau an Australian Photographer has worked in Sydney, London and Amsterdam as a creative director with some of the World’s largest advertising agencies with client’s such as Time magazine and Time Life Books. He has also produced designs and photographs for record label covers and has been published regularly by glossy magazines. He has had exhibitions in Sydney, Amsterdam, Madrid (sponsored by the American Women’s association) and now London. He is currently a resident of the UK living in London; he studied art and photography in Australia. Shane now travels extensively and produces high quality images from around the Globe, promoting the diverse nature of our incredible planet. His images of London have appeared on posters and postcards in some 300 shops throughout the city including the key tourist shops in the West End.

In his photography Shane covers everything from the city views to landscapes, urban street life and remote Australian outback, portraits of his friends and strangers that he saw passing by. His photography can easily be described as documentary or journalistic. A sense of the beautiful diversity of the world reflects through Shane’s lens.


Outwalls is glad to have the opportunity to invite you to see Shane Aurousseau’s photography exhibition “Diversity World”. The exhibition held at Leyas, a local coffee shop in Mornington Crescent Camden very close to the Tube and Koko’s night club. Outwalls is a curatorial project aiming to exhibit a range of artists within social spaces, creating a more approachable link between audience and artist. Why not drop in, have a coffee and see some unique images.


Curator: Ruta Sasnauskaite



Shane Aurousseau

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A world seeking a direction

I’m not a religious man in the context of following a Church doctrine or deity, the interpretation of this does not mean that I don’t have religious thoughts. The concept of atheism is a difficult one for me to comprehend as this is a statement of absolute and is a bedfellow of fundamentalism. The following of an agnostic path is to me a much more logical direction, ‘the only thing I know is I know nothing’ Socrates. Man’s interpretation of the teachings of some of the towering figures of religious history. Mohammed, Christ, Abraham, the Hindu teacher Shankara  and even the Buddhas I believe would horrify the creators of those great religions. Much criminality and suffering has been perpetuated in the name of religion.  The quest for some form of understanding is far more important than some vague and misguided belief that one has omnipotent knowledge, however sometimes from man’s muddled and myopic thinking comes something beautiful, the music of a Latin Mass,

Alhambra Granada
Alhambra Granada

The great art of Islam Alhambra Granada Spain
The great art of Islam Alhambra Granada Spain

The Sacred Geometry of Islam, The great paintings of the world, The Last Supper – Leonardo da Vinci, The creation of Adam – Michelangelo,  Madonna del Prato or Madonna of the Meadow – Raphael, The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist – Caravaggio not to mention the great temple sculptures of the East, the great fiestas of the Catholic world Semana Santa Spain. I have to admit these creations give a fabric and synergy to society that today much of the world lacks with out these creations the world would be a boring and barren place indeed. The disillusionment especially in the ranks of the youth of the world is giving rise to a self driven and violent society with an inability to see any beauty we are building  the blind society.

The creation of Adam Michelangelo
The creation of Adam Michelangelo

The beheading of John de Baptist Caravaggio
The beheading of John de Baptist Caravaggio

It was attending Holy week or Semana Santa  Malaga that confirmed to me the importance of maintaining these great festivals and protecting the great artistic legacy that religious belief of most persuasions has bestowed upon us. The realisation of the contribution that has been bequeathed to us by the great religions of the world is part of growing up and becoming an understanding member of society.

The Throne of the Mourning Virgin Image Shane Aurousseau
The Throne of the Mourning Virgin Image Shane Aurousseau

Semana Santa (Easter Week) Spain’s greatest festival and most important week of the year. A celebration of piety expressed almost exclusively in the processions of the brotherhoods or fraternities. Associations that have their origins in the Middle Ages, however a number were created during the Baroque Period, inspired by the Counter-Reformation ( Catholic Revival) commencing from the time of the ‘Council of Trent’ 1545 – 1563 finishing at the end of the ‘Thirty Years War’ 1648  and also during the 20th and 21st centuries. Membership of the brotherhoods is usually open to any Catholic person; family tradition is an important element to becoming a member or “brother” (hermano). The family the importance of being a part of something greater than you. The family can be seen in the important participation of Children and how they are welcomed into the festivities. The family group is an institution that we seem to be losing in most western countries to the detriment of our society.

The Nazarenos marking for penance Image Shane Aurousseau
The Nazarenos marking for penance Image Shane Aurousseau

One of the most striking spectacles of the festival are the hundreds of slow-moving Nazarenos (based on the people of Nazareth) in their tall, pointy hats and matching robes with their faces completely covered, apart from their eyes. Reasons for the use of such costumes have long been lost in antiquity however the purpose is simple , the Nazarenos their faces are covered in mourning and also as a sign of shame for the sins they have committed throughout the year. It is not uncommon for prisoners to participate as pallbearers participating in the carrying of the huge Thrones of the crucified Christ and the mourning Virgin Mary in order to repent of their sins.

160 - 280 men and sometimes women carrying the Throne
160 – 280 men and sometimes women carrying the Throne

There are 168 to 280 men and sometimes women who carry the thrones on their shoulders. Each man must be able to carry 40 Kilos on his shoulders for hours they tend to march for a longer period than women. The processions culminates on Easter Sunday in a long procession from the cathedral or church with the meeting of the effigies of the mourning Virgin and the resurrected Christ. Truly an artistic and spectacular fiesta that gives Spain its character and synergy. .

Images of the great Spanish fiesta Semana Santa

Women carrying the Mourning Virgin Mary Image Shane Aurousseau
Women carrying the Mourning Virgin Mary Image Shane Aurousseau

The Throne of the Mourning Virgin
The Throne of the Mourning Virgin

Semana Santa a family affair Image Shane Aurousseau
Semana Santa a family affair Image Shane Aurousseau

Following the Mourning Throne of the Virgin Mary image Shane Aurousseau
Following the Mourning Throne of the Virgin Mary image Shane Aurousseau

Waiting for the Bell to move off Image Shane Aurousseau
Waiting for the Bell to move off Image Shane Aurousseau

f.  .

Carrying the Throne Image Shane Aurousseau
Carrying the Throne Image Shane Aurousseau

Incense Image Shane Aurousseau
Incense Image Shane Aurousseau

A Family Affair Image Shane Aurousseau
A Family Affair Image Shane Aurousseau

Relaxing in the break image Shane Aurousseau
Relaxing in the break image Shane Aurousseau

Leading the Throne of the Mourning Virgin Mary Image Shane Aurousseau
Leading the Throne of the Mourning Virgin Mary Image Shane Aurousseau

The Nazarenos Image Shane Aurousseau
The Nazarenos Image Shane Aurousseau

The Nazarenos Image Shane Aurousseau
The Nazarenos Image Shane Aurousseau

The Throne of the Mourning Virgin Mary Malaga Image Shane Aurousseau
The Throne of the Mourning Virgin Mary Malaga Image Shane Aurousseau

Photographer Shane Aurousseau