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London City Life

London City Life

Important Places to go

The Day Starts


Girl Talk

1 Yellow the colour of Summer yet to come

2 Yellow the colour of Summer yet to come

3 Yellow the colour of Summer yet to come

4 Yellow the colour of Summer yet to
Social Evolution ‘That was a lousy meeting’
Social Evolution ‘I told him that’
Social Evolution ‘Just Texting’
Social Evolution ‘Can’t hear what size pan?’
Social Evolution ‘Life just passes’
Social Evolution ‘That’s a really great pic’
Social Evolution ‘Oh no! Shit!
Just chilling and texting

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The Streets of London – Chilling Images Photographer Shane Aurousseau

In continuing the theme ‘The Streets of London’ relaxation can’t be overlooked. I hope that these images convey relaxation in the capital.

The Sunday Chilling
Dining out and chilling in Whitecross Street
Chilling the Walk
Carnival Chilling Whitecross Street
Night out Chilling 

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