Portrait of a working day on the La La Brooks a Halo UK Records project at John Parr Studios Yorkshire Images Shane Aurousseau

Images of the team working on the pilot video for the La La Brooks project at John Parr studios Yorkshire taken by Shane Aurousseau.

La La Brooks; Dolores Brooks is an original lead singer of the girl group the Crystals and a Broadway actress. She is best known as the lead vocalist on the Crystals’ hits “Then He Kissed Me” and “Da Doo Ron Ron”.

It was a great weekend of hard work and some fun. The team consisted of Mike Karl Maslen (Producer Halo UK Records), Scott Ford (Musical Director), Hayley Victoria Leeson, Jessica Singer Armstrong, Charlotte France (great vocalists), Richard Weaver (Video Production) Jane Ledsom (Introduction), Shane Aurousseau (Stills), and  some assistance from John Parr



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